The Savanna Series


Savannah Series Power Piccolo Snare Drums

Known for its timeless beauty, classic southern elegance, and it's gorgeous Spanish moss covered walkways and parks, Savanah is truly a jewel of the South.

In honor of this great Southern city, we've named our flagship line the Savanna Series. These drums harken back to a time when ultra-thin shells were among the most sought after for their extraordinary woody resonance. The technology of the time required installation of reinforcing rings which generally meant roundover edges were the only viable option.

Today, modern shell construction techniques allow us to skip the reinforcing rings, and with our innovative inverse 45 bearing edges we are able to maximize energy transfer from head to shell and further increase the already superior resonance of the shell as well as boost projection and improve ease of tuning.

We've taken the classic elegant natural woody sound of that bygone era and boosted it with modern technology to bring you a drum series that will not only sit well in any mix, but will ease the pressures on your sound engineers whether live or in the studio with a sound that is already production ready before any effects or amplification are even applied.

The Savannah Series is the epitome of the blending of classic and modern to produce a refined and sophisticated sound that you won't find anywhere else.

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Shell Reconditioning

$50 per hour shop fee, or $40 minimum per drum

True and Recut Bearing Edges

Prices are per diameter inch for both edges

Single 45 Edge $2
Double 45 Edge $3
Vintage Round Over $3.50

 Custom Wrap Design

$50 graphics fee


$40 per drum, this is to wrap and re-assemble. It does not cover removing old wrap if the wrap is heavily glued down. This requires use of a heat gun and a lot of time. If that is required an additional shop fee of $50 per hour will be assessed to remove the old wrap. We recommend removing the wrap and hardware prior to bringing us your drum(s). This could save you a lot of money.

Custom Drum Building

Varies based on configuration and materials.

Drum Repair

$50 per hour shop fee, or $40 minimum per drum

 Cymbal Repair

Edge Cracks $20 each, lateral cracks $35 each

Custom Upgrading

$50 per hour shop fee, or $40 minimum per drum

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Paul "Ozzie" Carpenter

The Pyedawgs

Paul has been playing since the 70's. He began playing drums and percussion during his school years in stage band, orchestra and marching band.

In the mid 70's Paul formed his first band with his best friend and brother Vince Rosales, Lead Vocals and Guitar. 

Paul and Vince are the founding members of The Pyedawgs. They have been honored to have placed first and second in the Colorado Songwriters Contest, and featured on their Starborn, Colorado Songwriters Award Album.

Pyedawg's music is played throughout the UK, Europe and Japan and is on all major music apps.

You can hear Paul and The Pyedawgs at

"I've played on about every Professional kit out there throughout my Music career. I've Recorded with many different Drum Kits. It wasn't until I came across Georgia Phil Custom Handmade Drums that I realized that all the kits I've played on and own, just don't compare...Whether I'm playing a gig or in the studio Georgia Phil is THE ONLY Drums I will play on anymore."

Paul "Ozzie" Carpenter

Shawn Tracht

Immersion Summer

Optimistic charisma is at the core of every beat of Tracht's drums. His goal is to inspire hope and help others heal. Tracht brings it on the drums every time he plays, just like he does with his family, while competing in sports, and in the classroom as a teacher! Tracht's biggest accomplishment was winning "Teacher of the Year" for the State of California Continuation High Schools (CCEA PLUS Teacher of the Year). This is more a representation of his commitment to helping others with all he's got more than anything. Tracht lives by the motto "Inspiration is a circle. You give it...and you get a lot back." The drums are a way to share his bursting positive energy with others!

You can hear Shawn and Immersion Summer at

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